We’ve got serious momentum!

These past weeks have been incredibly busy for me, with work piling up during the week, our house being renovated and trying to plan our wedding amongst the challenges we’re all facing in opening up and getting back to normal. That being said, together with Jose, we’ve managed to make huge progress with the game.


Jose has done an incredible job at getting the men and boys drawn up and coloured in, and I’m so excited to be able to share the first set of Visitor artwork with you all!



Guy Next Door




With this first iconic set of gorgeous guys ready, we can start working on updating the overall visual design of the game to match. We’ve already started sketching out new layouts for the visitor cards.


My current handmade prototypes are a few years old and were made for a previous version of the rules. I’ve gotten by with a bit of frankensteining for a while, but it was about time I got something new printed that is coherent and applies many of the things I’ve learned these past years.

I’ve done all of the graphic design for this version myself, but I’m so happy I’ve been able to use the latest artwork from Jose. This time around unfortunately I don’t have the time or space to print, cut and finish multiple copies of the game using my home printer, so I’ve splashed out and ordered 4 copies from TheGameCrafter.com that will be professionally printed and finished! I’m so excited to see what it’s like to play the game with real cards and dice, and relieved at all the time I’ve saved by not having to print them myself.

Prototypes should arrive during August and photos will follow very promptly.


Once the prototype was ordered, I was overcome by the urge to get some more merchandise sorted. It was so great getting the keyrings and towels printed for the Kickstarter, that I wanted to do another round. Of course using Jose’s fantastic artwork!

I’ve signed up for an account with CloudPrinter.com and ordered a series of items using very basic layouts of the artwork to test how it scales to physical items and to see the quality of the finished products. I’m looking at Beach Towels, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Polo’s and Mugs. I’ll let you all know how they turn out!

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