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A board game publisher with a focus on “naughty” adult games and experiences.
We also founded Amsterdam’s biggest LGBTQIA+ Board Gayming community

We see a gap…

…and we have to fill it!

We have a lot of fun with our work. Whether that’s creating a new and daring board game to release all over the world, or hosting our board game nights in Amsterdam, you can always hear the peals of laughter coming from our direction.

We’ve got a goal to create a whole range of naughty and exciting board games that dare to go where nobody else does. While we always ensure that there is no victim to our humor and fun, making fun only of situations and not people.

We’re also having a blast building an awesome community of Board Gaymers in our hometown of Amsterdam. What started as a way to recruit playtesters, has grown into an such a fun way to connect and socialize for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Gay Sauna the Board Game

Bringing the exciting world of the gay sauna to a board game you can play with your friends!

A Kickstarter hit in 2022, Gay Sauna the Board Game has sold over 2000 copies in more than 30 countries around the world.

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The Dick Sits

The crazy card game where if it fits, you sits!

Coming to Kickstarter in January 2024, The Dick Sits has proven to be a big hit!

A game that’s somehow both incredibly silly and comedy genius, be prepared to have more fun sitting on dicks than you ever thought possible!

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We’re always happy to welcome new players to our events, whether they’re seasoned board game enthusiasts or brand new to the hobby.

We play a whole host of different games (not just our own creations) – we’ve got something for every taste!

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