I feel SO honoured!

Today’s blog post is all about Ant! If you’ve been watching the website closely, you might have noticed a new face on the team page – Anthony, from Nib and Thread Communications.

Ant isn’t just some marketing guy, he’s one of my dearest friends who I’ve known and admired for more than a decade. His LinkedIn page can tell you his professional story of marketing, pet stores and the historical Cozy Bar in Amsterdam. And here’s some words from the man himself:

Yaaaaaas! I’m so excited to be back beside Adrian again on Gay Sauna the board game. With José on design and Adrian’s creativity I plan on a very fun time making this a huge success. Adrian is like my gay brother who will get in trouble with me when mom isn’t watching, so we make an excellent team.

Ant was a huge support for our Kickstarter in 2019, helping me make some sense out of this new world I’d thrown myself into, making the most out of the limited resources we had back then.

We’ve got many many memories together – quite a few revolving around a special annual gathering, which happens to also be where we both found our significant others. We also at one time had a garage band called AA that was even booked for a gig, that never happened…

Above all else, I love this man (and his husband Fan)!

And now we’re in 2022 and we’re getting the chance to work together on this project again! With more time, a more realistic budget, thousands of lessons learned and a great team to pull it all off – we’re geared up and ready to bring Gay Sauna the Board Game to life!

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