It’s been a bit quiet, but I’ve been very busy!

My last post was in October, so I can forgive anyone thinking this project is dead – however I’m very happy and excited to let you all know that not only is the project very much alive, but has made leaps and bounds of progress in these past months!

The game itself has been through huge transformations, with a rewrite to remove the large board completely and bring players together in a hilarious take on a dungeon crawler. I’ll be updating this website in the coming weeks, fleshing out the details of the current version and adding all the latest and greatest into the library.

I myself have also been through some pretty big changes, with starting a new position as Product Lead at my time is more limited. It’s a platform where you can affordably hire freelance marketing specialists and get predictable results. Being part of an early stage startup is full of excitement and I’m enjoying all of the challenges and opportunities that I’m experiencing every day of this journey.

With a good buddy of mine, Estefano, we’re also building a community called Board Gaymers in Amsterdam. We host twice monthly board game nights held at Prik on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. We only have space for 3 gaming tables, so we work with a ticket system for €3 that includes a drink worth €3 – it’s really just about reserving your seat for a game. Check out for more information about the events.

I get the chance to playtest Gay Sauna the Board Game at all of these events which has opened up a huge amount of valuable feedback for me to work on the game as well as incredible amounts of validation for the game. It truly is an honour to see players coming back to play again when they could be playing many other games.

I’m still working on a full plan to go from where I am to full publication, but I’m hoping to launch another Kickstarter some time later this year – I’ll be getting more clarity on this in the next month as I update and work on the website.

I guess that’s enough for now, take care!

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