#1 – 26th February – Board Gayming XL @ LOADS.Amsterdam from 13:00


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We’re thrilled to be launching the first of our Board Gayming XL events at LOADS.Amsterdam, NDSM in Amsterdam Noord!

We’ve managed to secure an awesome and affordable venue where we can spend an entire day Gayming to our hearts content.

Starting early in February we’ll be starting to organise the gaming tables with the right games and groups of folks, so please do let us know what you’d like to play as soon as possible. Also let us know if you’ve got the game at home you’d like to get to the table and are willing to share it with the group, and we’ll be able to offer this to the other folks!

There’s no catering at the venue, so we’ll need to organise our own food and drinks – there’s an Albert Heijn really close by too. Feel free to bring what you’d like and we’ll also try to provide some soft drinks and light snacks.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Qx7bkopMxk5aLhYM7

Please reach out to us using the Contact Form in case you have any questions!

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XL Gayming

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