Number of players: 3-6
Game duration: 60-90 minutes
Category: Roleplaying
Publisher: ReRoll Works

Embark on a lustful adventure into the mysterious world of gay saunas. You will compete in this raunchy hookup contest using your brains and balls to ensure you’ve bagged more gorgeous, sweaty men than any of your buddies.

Gay Sauna the Board Game is an exciting and raunchy roleplaying strategy game developed by us (ReRoll Works). The current version is the latest prototype refined through feedback from around 100 play-throughs in the course of 12 months of development.

Playing as a horny visitor to the gay sauna, players take it in turns to try and hookup with as many of the hot guys that they can before the sauna closes and everyone goes home. Play is peppered with action coming from random crazy event cards and sneaky action cards that players can use to boost their own performance or sabotage their fellow players.

A game strictly for ages 18 and over, Gay Sauna the Board Game is a hilarious gaming experience for the entire LGBTQ community and their supporters. Players only need to have an open mind and a sense of humour to get enjoyment from this tabletop roleplaying game.

Gay Sauna the Board Game is due to be released publicly in 2021.

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