As board game lovers, we love the winter evenings for gathering in the warmth around a table with friends to play out a game of strategy and luck. In the Summer months however it can be tough to compete with all the fun things to do out in the sun! So many of us sit inside and play games with ourselves while our friends go get tans and socialise….well my friends – no more!

Coming with our first edition on Sunday 3rd July, we’re proud to present: Board Gayming in the Park!

Doing what in the park?

The concept is pretty simple. We’ve collected together a bunch of games of different types that are perfectly suited to the sunny and windy conditions that playing outside bring. We’ll get together just as we have been doing in our spiritual home (Prik), to play some games and have some fun.

Location: Westerpark

Westerpark is located just North-West of Amsterdam Central Station accessible by Bike, Bus or Foot.

The exact location of each event will only be known in the late morning once the team arrives to setup and will be published on the Event page both on this website and on Facebook.

Food, drinks and the BBQ

We’ll be there all day, so no doubt everyone will want to eat and drink. Unfortunately we can’t offer to cater the event for everyone, so we encourage you to bring your own food and drinks.

Westerpark allows us to BBQ openly in certain areas, so we’ll be bringing our BBQ along to help fuel our gaming adventures. You’re welcome to make use of the BBQ with your own food. Please be considerate when cooking meats as many of our guests are vegetarian or vegan.

The Games!

You’re likely wondering what kind of games we have in mind for this event – and that’s a very good question as most of the games we play won’t survive the first gust of wind. And the last time we all checked, Westerpark was still in the Netherlands – a country known for windy days.

We’ve done our research, and come up with a bunch of games we can play and are sure we’ll have an awesome day!

Some standard games should work just fine like Azul, Zombie Dice, Munchkin, Coup, Cards against Humanity and Uno.

We’re also gathering a number of more active games that should be a lof of fun like Kubb, Twister and Corn Hole.

There are also a few members of our group who know a tonne of action games that don’t involve any pieces or items if there’s interest.

You’re absolutely welcome to bring any games you think would work and others would enjoy – however please only bring games you aren’t protective over. We can’t guarantee they’ll be returned to you in good condition.


Booking tickets will help us with numbers and ensure we reserve a big enough place in the park and have enough games, but reserving for this event is completely optional. You’re welcome to come along and bring as many people as you’d like for free!

Event Tickets